Welcome to my blog!

My name is Linara. I am a mother of three boys. Our parenting journey started with attachment parenting – we EC all our kids, I am breastfeeding my boys for almost six years already (I have my second tandem now), and I often wake up with all my boys sleeping on me.

We were always so close with our kids that we understood that it is not an option to be separated from them (and to separate them from each other) for the most part of the day. That was the first reason why we thought about home education. The second reason is that I love playing, creating, learning, traveling, and discovering something new every day with my boys.

On this blog I am going to share everything connected with our creative and happy journey of growing up together with our kids. I will share our everyday activities, art and craft ideas, some reviews on the materials, games and books we love, respectful parenting tips and experience.

Write me to ask questions or just to say “Hi!” I am always happy to connect and make friends with other parents or educators!

Thank you for following the journey of our Creative Happy Nest!


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