Colourful snowy science

It was about 0 C outside these days. Slippery puddles everywhere made it impossible to play or do anything outside. Having no chance to go out doesn’t mean not to have some wintery fun! I scooped some snow from the balcony, put it into the plastic bin and almost two hours of exploring began!



What we needed:

  1. Snow!
  2. Plastic bin
  3. Paint – we used tempera
  4. Brushes
  5. Water
  6. Handy scoopers
  7. Droppers

My almost 5 y.o. said that he doesn’t want to play with snow and that he wants to run with action figures. He repeated it many times, while I was preparing snow, while my 3 y.o was choosing colors for our play and while I was looking for the brushes. Although, when I put everything on the table, he was the first to grab the brush and to make the stroke on the snow.

Both boys absolutely enjoyed to color the snow. 3 y.o. was not just coloring it, but he was poking it with the brush, was throwing it around a little bit while colouring, and was trying to make some mess, but not too actively. His brother was accurately covering his part of the bin with color.

What we observed after this part of the game: our colors didn’t mix at all, they just covered one another somehow, but we didn’t get a new color. We looked at the bottom of the bin, it stayed white, because kids were painting only the top of the snow.

My boys came up to all the following activities without any suggestions from me! My 5 y.o. brought the cup of water, I gave them droppers and they started to water the snow. I didn’t see any sense in this activity, until we actually started to water the snow. It was so interesting to observe the way the colors were disappearing inside of the snow following water. It was also interesting to see, how the structure of the snow was changing and that some color started to appear on the bottom of the bin.

Next we took handy scoopers and made some snowballs. Don’t they look like yummy ice-cream? My 3 y.o. was excited with this part of activity and enjoyed making his own colorful snowballs.

What my oldest did next, made my jaw drop! Really, it looked so cool! He took a dropper, pushed it and poked into the snowball. Little by little it started to fill with water. That is the way they continued to play for the next hour!

They were poking the droppers into the snowballs and got the colored water, which was often either red, or blue! then they were sorting this colored water into different containers. In the end they got three different colors: red, blue, and purple. And of course there was lots of bubbles – air – coming into the droppers with water. It was interesting to observe it and discuss with kids.

In the end we salted some of the remaining snowballs and looked how their structure changed under the salt.

It was so much fun that even my littlest boy wanted to play with us!