January wrapped up

This year we decided to make an experiment: we started a journal of all our daily activities with kids. Our oldest son has reached a school age already and we decided that it will be interesting and beneficial to see in real figures how many of various activities our kids are actually doing during the month. I am sure that I’ve missed something because it is much harder than I thought to keep track of all the activities, but that is all I have.

There are things which boys are doing every or almost every day and we don’t even always notice and write them down, they include playing together, drawing, tablets, fighting, and building with Lego. We also read almost every day. We wrote down all the books we read during January and we counted more than 100 (everything you see in the photo and a little bit more). Some of them we read two or three times.

  • 33 times we played 14 board games ( These are the separate sits with the same games, if we played one game several times, I count it for 1);
  • 21 times we made various arts and crafts (including paper plate masks, sequin art, various cardboards crafts, play dough etc.);
  • 16 times we played outside, including playing with snow, skating, building snowman and snow castle etc. (I thought it would be less because we had many days with temperatures 20C and colder, and boys were also sick for about a week);
  • 15 times we had active playtime at home (Including Gymnastics, Hockey at home, and various games with the ball and music);
  • 8 times helped at home (including washing walls, mirrors, setting the tableб etc);
  • 7 times played with various constructors and blocks other than Lego;
  • 7 times various astronomy activities and discussions;
  • 7 times made puzzles;
  • 6 times helped with groceries;
  • 5 times made school type activities with workbooks (syllables, numbers, letters etc);
  • 4 times helped with cooking;
  • 4 times made shows and theatre;
  • 4 times watching, feeding, exploring, photographing squirrels;
  • 4 times oldest boy was teaching his brothers something: to count, to build with Lego manuals; to wash the mirrors, and to vacuum;
  • 3 days of dismantling an old keyboard;
  • 3 times 6 y.o. practiced magic for his upcoming birthday;
  • 3 STEM activities;
  • 2 times interacting with farm animals;
  • 2 times reading and watching books on projector;
  • BIG discussions that started with boys’ questions:
    • Calendar and its purpose;
    • Starving people and charity;
    • Synonyms;
    • Antonyms;
    • Bad people, birth rates, various number of people in different countries with some facts about China;
    • Even and odd numbers;
    • 2 times we talked about anatomy: skeleton, the human body, and the necessity of its different parts;
    • Friendship and kindness;
    • How the town works. What it consists of and while talking moved to electricity and nuclear disasters. Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters;
  • 1 time went to the Al Simmons’ concert;
  • 1 time went to the Science center;
  • 1 time learned about music tempos;
  • 1 workshop “My unique puzzle”, almost 6 y.o. was learning about himself;
  • 1 time helped me to plan our next vacation;
  • 1 haircut (it is the first time, when only one boy wanted to have it).

I didn’t include my oldest boy’s piano lessons and his practicing at home in the list because it is something that happens weekly and with one boy only.

I didn’t mention our interaction with other kids because it mostly happens in our homeschooling community, where we go twice a week, during our playdates (we had only two this month because of the sick time), and during our outside time.

I also didn’t write about all the activities my 20 m.o. did during the month. He was learning about animals, colors, shapes and all the various things babies love to learn and do. But this month he fell in love with books. He started January with looking at pictures and making sounds of the animals and by the end of the month, he started to listen to short stories already. It is incredible, I think.

And some of my favorite moments:
  1. When my 4 y.o. pretended to be a caterpillar who turned into cocoon and then into the butterfly, and his older brother was assisting him all this time, making sure that his brother is comfortably positioned. This game led into a similar one with a larva that turned into a bug, and then they both became birds and were flying around. All they needed for it were a couple of scarfs, and the game lasted for about an hour without a single quarrel.
  2. It was such an important moment when my oldest boy was skating without any support for the first time because his daddy and I helped him to believe in himself. And the most important thing is that he was proud of himself.
  3. It was so funny to watch how my boys were chasing a sunny bunny for an hour and couldn’t understand that I was making it with my cell phone.
  4. I was so proud and happy when my oldest boy got interested in electricity and learned a lot about it in the Science Centre.
  5. It was a perfect family time when my boys made a Lion show together and when we made Kolobok performance with my 4 y.o.
  6. Al Simmons show, it is amazing when kids keep asking to go somewhere again for the next couple of weeks because they loved it so much!
  7. My 20 m.o. playing games on his brother’s tablet is shocking! He doesn’t speak, but he knows how to open the game he wants and what to do there. HOW?
  8. I was astonished when I came to my son’s piano lesson after a month break (my husband went with him instead of me for a while). It is incredible to see how fast your child is growing just seeing how differently he plays the piano!
  9. I really loved all our discussions with boys. I love when they ask something and we start to talk about it, they get engaged and ask more and more questions so that our discussion goes deeper and deeper or changes its course to something absolutely different.
  10. It is magical when all three of them are playing together, these are the best moments and the most precious ones for me.
  11. We had lots of fun creating a huge cardboard art for daddy’s birthday (I’m still planning to write a post about it).

I absolutely loved to look through the pages of our journal and to recollect all the things we were doing with my boys during this month. I hope we would keep writing it at least for a while because it is interesting to see how much we actually did, made, saw, and discussed, when sometimes it seems that we don’t do anything at all.