Sticky Yarn Trees.

img_9044My kids love to get messy and are fond of all craft materials I give them, except only one! GLUE! They hate it, they don’t like when their fingers are sticky, when we use glue sticks. They try to peel off the dry glue from their fingers, when we use regular glue. And the only glue they love is GLITTER Glue! Although, they hate glue, they love to glue things and to make crafts. That’s how I started to use Contact Paper instead of the glue in our project. Sticky Yarn Tree is one of the “no glue” crafts we made lately, which was loved by my boys! Continue reading “Sticky Yarn Trees.”

Magic snow

oegb7777It often happens that the best activities and ideas occur accidentally. It is exactly what happened to me today! I was going to make a fizzy snow with baking soda, but, as it usually happens, I didn’t have enough soda. I used cornstarch instead! And can you believe that it turned into activity, to be precise into a series of activities, which lasted for more than an hour and a half?

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My boys were yelling and screaming all morning and I had to find the way to calm them down at least for a while. Sometimes when I try to call them directly or when I ask them to stop, they just don’t pay attention. They are busy playing, they are in their own world, and I only interrupt their game. I understand it, but quite often too loud turns into too rough in our house.

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