Memory blossoms.

Our daddy had birthday last week and we decided to remind him about some wonderful moments of the year. So many great things happened during this year that it could be very hard to choose, if only 99% if the photos were not with kids. So it was easy to find six with daddy on them. We decided to make the gorgeous blossoms from the unique memories of the year and to add buds as a symbol of the moments that are going to happen in the future.

We were inspired to make flowers from coffee filters by spherical flowers made by Bonnie from Make-it-your-own and you can see them here.

I divided the process of making the memory blossoms into two parts: painting on the filters and making the flowers and decorating the branch.

For the 1st part we need:

Coffee filters       Water           Salt

Watercolors         Brushes       Oil pastels

Hair Dryer         Scissors

For the 2nd part we need:

Laminator (if you don’t have one you can use clear tape)

Nice big branch        Photos        Glue stick

Glue gun    Cotton balls      String      Paper

1st part: Painting flowers.

We’ve made 6 flowers with photos and two buds and used 16 coffee filters for it. You can use more or less, depending on the size of your branch and on the amount of filters you use for one flower.

Painting with watercolors is always lots of fun, you can do everything you want and watch all the amazing things that happen! What we tried:

Painted and salted the wet filter. We left the salt like that and cleaned it when we were drying the filters.

We folded the filters and painted them, sometimes from the reverse side too. Then opened and admired the results.

We painted over the oil pastels and watched how the paints avoided the colored places.


We colored the filters by wiping the table after the previous pieces.We mixed it all together and changed the order. The main part was to have fun, enjoy the time together, and to put our love into the present we were making.

When all the filters were ready, my 5 y.o. had lots of fun drying them with a hair dryer. It was very fast and he enjoyed the way the filters were flying away, when were dry.

Note: at first we tried to save the shape of the filters, and it was the reason, why we put them into the new ones, but it was not necessary.

What we did instead: we folded the filter many times and then squeezed it in a palm. My kid enjoyed the process and the final result looked great.

Now we are heading to the 2nd part.

You should have a good dry big branch for it. If you don’t have a branch you can figure out something instead – cut one from the cardboard, for example.
We’ve chosen some photos with daddy, which were made last year. We printed them on the office paper and laminated. You don’t have to laminate a photo paper, which is thicker and has a much better quality than the office one. If you are using office paper, like we did, and don’t have a laminator, you can use a clear tape instead. Just tape the page from both sides and it will be thicker and glossy.

We cut the laminated pictures into the shapes we needed. And they were ready to be glued into the middle of the flowers.

Before gluing everything together, we’ve made mix and match game. We put together different filters and photos, and checked what looks the best. We ended up with one flower which consisted of three filters. One flower looked great and was made just of one filter, and all the rest were made with two filters, the same as buds.

When we had all the necessary combinations, we headed to gluing everything together. You can glue the filters together first, and then glue the picture to them. We did vice versa. It doesn’t actually matter. Just glue it well!

For the buds we had to take some cotton balls. We’ve just put them in the centre of the filter, glued everything around, and made the shape of the bud, by pressing everything together.

When we’ve made all the flowers, we headed to the branch. Before gluing everything to it, it is important to lean the branch to the wall to see how to hang it. You should also find the point (s) where it touches the wall – you will make eyelets on them later.

Put the branch on the floor, so that you understand where is the top and where is the bottom. Keep in mind the angle it will have when hung. Now you can head to putting the flowers on their places and gluing them. The easies way to do it is using the hot glue gun. I glued the branch and pressed the flower to it. Even my 5 y.o. tried to help me with it.

I’ve put the buds in the forks of the branch, they look better this way and are fixed securely.

When all the flowers are on their places you should lean the branch to the wall one more time to mark the points, which touch the wall. And to see that everything looks even more beautiful than you imagined.

I’ve marked three. Using the glue gun I attached the string to the piece of paper and then glued it to the branch. Although, I’ve made three eyelets to hang the branch. We hung it only on one of them and it still works perfectly.