Optical Illusion Christmas tree.

Who doesn’t like optical illusion toys? We love them a lot! We also love to draw and to have fun! This simple craft gives it all in less than five minutes!





I came to this idea accidentally when we were drawing Christmas trees with my boys! At first we made drawings of the trees on the white paper with lights on the reverse side. It almost worked, but something seemed to be wrong – the white side, as I understood after some experimenting.


Here is the easiest DIY Optical Illusion Christmas Tree you could only imagine!


Green construction paper (cut it on two halves for two trees)

Glue stick

2 Sticks

Double-sided tape (I show how to use regular tape in the video)


Pastel (I tried markers, but they were too dull to be seen)

Cut the green construction paper in two halves – you will have two trees. Fold the paper in half.

Open the folded paper and attach the stick to the middle of one side. Make sure that your stick doesn’t turn inside of the tape and that it is long enough for your palms to turn the tree when you play.

Glue to halves of the paper together with the glue stick. To give the glue time to dry and not to worry about the dirty table – draw the garlands. You can make the lines as long as you wish, you will cut what’s not needed anyway.

Cut the tree. I made it as a triangle, but you can make a different shape. Draw the lights on the other side of the tree.

That’s it! My almost five year old didn’t have problems making it, although he made it a little bit differently.

I had to tape the stick, but he could have done it with the double sided tape.

Here is the video of the process: