Paper 3D Five Point Star.

My son said that he wants to have a shining star on the top of our tree. Last year after many hours of searching we couldn’t find our perfect topper for the Christmas tree. I had doubts that we would succeed this year, and we needed the shining star now. That is how I came to an idea to make a shining topper by myself using my son’s paintings.


These stars are easy to do, they require a minimum of materials and look wonderful on a tree, on the window, and anywhere you hang them.



Kid’s paintings




Sharp stick or a needle

How to prepare the paintings:

I tried different paper pained with different kinds of paint and they all worked, although I found that the thick office paper worked better than the rest.

To flatten old paintings I ironed the on the reverse sides without steam or water.

If your paintings do not fit into your printer you can choose the most favorite part (or two for the both sides), put A4 paper on top of it, and cut the painting to fit the scale. I did it with a couple of paintings and it worked perfectly.

Download the pattern

Put the paper into the printer so that the pattern will be printed on the reverse side of the painting! You need to print two pages for one big star and two little stars.

Cut the shapes following the pattern.

Accurately fold every line. Fold outer elements and then reverse fold them to the inner side, so that you have a star on your face side.

If you want to make a tree topper, or if you want a sunshine to go through it, you should make holes on its surface before gluing it together. I used a sharp stick for it. You can use a needle – it doesn’t matter. Be accurate! Make holes on the face side, so that the torn paper will be inside of the star. Make as many holes as you wish.

Give the shape to both halves of the star. You need to do it, because it is easier to glue halves together when they are flattened. If you don’t make a good job giving the shape to a star, it will be very hard to do it after the star is glued together.

If you make a star to hang it somewhere, you should glue the string to it now. Glue the string to the folding element.

Glue the halves of the star together. You can find your own way to do it. I glued the folding elements of one point, put the halves of the star as straight as possible and pressed them together. I repeated it with every point of the star. If you see that something is not glued properly, just add more glue and press the star well. It is better to wait for a while to give the star time to stick together. Then take the opposite points of the star and push on them gently. The star should come into shape.

If it doesn’t happen, you can use a stick. One of my first stars didn’t want to open and I putting the stick into the holes opened it little by little. It required some patience and time, but it looked as good as the other stars in the end.

If you want to put the star on top of your tree, you should cut the hole in it. I didn’t cut enough at first and we torn it a little bit. So it is better to cut more than less.

I absolutely love this ornament. We have one star on the top of our tree, little stars on the tree and many more around the house. If you have any questions I will be happy to help.