My boys were yelling and screaming all morning and I had to find the way to calm them down at least for a while. Sometimes when I try to call them directly or when I ask them to stop, they just don’t pay attention. They are busy playing, they are in their own world, and I only interrupt their game. I understand it, but quite often too loud turns into too rough in our house.

When they are not listening to me, they are still attentive to everything what’s happening around. It means that there are ways to turn their energy into another direction. This time I noticed that their baby brother was eager to reach the mirror and I decided to use the situation. I sat in front of the mirror with him and started to talk to him (loudly of course). “Who is that? And what is it? Lips. And here? It is your tiny sweet nose!” etc. I don’t know how many seconds passed before big brothers became curious and joined us. We observed our faces, looked at the eyes, cheeks, hair and decided to make self-portraits together







Paper towels

Plate (anything to put dirty brushes)


I taped the paper to the table. Put the brushes and the paint on the table and we were ready to paint. Almost everyone was ready. Mr 3 decided to ‘read’ the book, while I was preparing everything. He also didn’t come to the table when we started. He joined us later. I don’t force them to do the activity if they don’t want to. I only try to organize them so, that no one interrupts the activity of the others. When he decided to paint with us he made a black picture of himself and then spilled all the water on his paper.


With the help of paper towels, which are always nearby, we quickly wiped all the water and continued the activity. Mr 3 bored with painting slashed the soft wet paper with his nails until there was nothing left of it. He had this kind of mood. He was exploring not hurting anyone, that means that he didn’t do anything wrong. It was just his way of taking the activity.

img_8343 img_8341

It was the first time, when I decided to involve my 5 m.o. in our art session, and I am happy that I did it. Of course I had to control every movement of both his hands – he was trying to grab everything he could reach with his tiny hands, but he was so excited to be involved, and he was curious of what mommy was doing with his hand. When the portrait was finished the artist got tired and decided to have a snack and to sleep for ten minutes. Then he woke up and happily continued with the background.


Of course, he wasn’t actually painting, and he doesn’t really understand what’s happening and someone can say that there is no need to involve little babies in such activities. Maybe it’s true, but he is doing something with his brothers and it is important for them. I could sit with my boys and paint, not paying much attention to the baby. Or I could play with the baby and not to show the boys any interest to their activity. Why not to play with everyone at the same time, when I can?



Mr 4.5 decided to use every single color I’ve put on the table. When I understood it, I took away one of the tubes, because there were too many colors on his picture already. I know, I shouldn’t have done this, it is his piece of art and I should keep my hands and tastes away from it. When he finished with all the other colors, he asked “And where is pink?”, so I gave him pink back and he finished his masterpiece. Now, looking at it hanging on the side of our bookcase, I think that it is just a new trend in painting.

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  1. I love it that you are so creative with your boys! My own two children are both creative people and I know that they got their creativity from my side of their family. It’s a strong trait!

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