Sticky Yarn Trees.

img_9044My kids love to get messy and are fond of all craft materials I give them, except only one! GLUE! They hate it, they don’t like when their fingers are sticky, when we use glue sticks. They try to peel off the dry glue from their fingers, when we use regular glue. And the only glue they love is GLITTER Glue! Although, they hate glue, they love to glue things and to make crafts. That’s how I started to use Contact Paper instead of the glue in our project. Sticky Yarn Tree is one of the “no glue” crafts we made lately, which was loved by my boys!

What we used:

1st part – Mommy makes the dirty job.

GLUE + brush      Contact paper       Cardboard

Paper knife    Scissors


img_8979           img_8983

2nd part – Kids have fun



Glitter glue

Any decorations you like: we used pencil dust and glitter


1st Part. Make a drawing of a tree and cut it from the cardboard with a paper knife. Then cover one side with the white glue. Put the contact paper with a STICKY SIDE on the table and press the glued side of a tree into it. It is better to leave it like that, or even under a press, to dry. If you don’t have time for it, that’s fine, I’ve checked.


Then cut the tree from the contact paper following the shape of the cardboard tree. The preparation is done!


2nd part. Don’t put all the supplies on the table! (I put them there only to make a picture) Kids will be distracted and will want to use everything at the same time! Give them the Yarn first. My 4.5 y.o. did a wonderful job with his tree, I only had to show him what to do in the beginning and he made the rest.


One more bonus of Contact paper, all loose yarn could be easily moved and stuck to it, when my boy didn’t want to wrap the yarn around, he could simply stick it to the paper. My 3 y.o. wasn’t in the right mood, he was running around and refused to do this part of the activity. I was sure that he would come, as soon as pom-poms would be on the table, and wrapped the tree with a yarn for him.


After we were done with the yarn we headed to the decorating part! I gave the boys anything they asked and they had lots of fun with this part of the activity!


I spent lots of time sorting the mess they left, when they were done! But, to be honest, I found it relaxing. I don’t have many moments, when I can sit and without a hurry do something with my hands.


When everything was in the containers, I understood that they used only a small part of pom-poms and glitter, almost everything was on the table, and luckily we didn’t use glue, so everything was clean and can be reused in other projects!


It is the first DIY idea, I share, so if anything is not clear, I am happy to help. And I am open to any suggestions.